Three Things to Internalize while Searching the Door Of a New Habit

3 min readMay 9, 2020

Here’s what you should do

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Everyone you see is talking about productivity and starting a new habit in this quarantine. Everyone wants a change and they find this period the best fit. Since the past 60 days, tons of stories are posted on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter about the new cooking culture, yoga and mediation-finally making the thought to action, painting-to see the beauty of colors and ,yeah of course, writing-carving imagination onto paper.

PS: I am in the same boat and that’s what I had planned this quarantine- to finally give my imagination a bow of words, and here I am.

I had never been like this before. The lazy bone, what my parents called.Yeah, I was passionate about studies but only studies! That’s the reason I had always found myself in books, well, to be precise course books. You could ask me anything and everything from the notes, and I had every answer to that.

I didn't see myself lagging in any means. Years passed by and I realized that after all this I had been doing I just knew how to get the first position in class. I was unable to retain a new habit or learn something new because I didn’t know how to.

But how can this happen? How can the first hopper fail in such a do?

The answer is: Strategy, and the right one is what I was missing the whole time.

A road map to reach the goal is what we call a strategy. Everyone thinks about it before experimenting. But the difference lies in how the things are done. There are three things which have to be taken care while starting or doing any task.

Firstly, 21–90 rule. Carry on the new hobby without any break, I repeat, WITHOUT ANY BREAK, for 21 days, which then becomes the part of your daily routine. Now continue it for 90 days and the splendid result will await.

Secondly, while doing things, don’t hop onto something new and repeat that activity so that it imprints in your mind(key to learn-read and repeat). Make use of the mediating variable that lies between learning and repeating. The variable which defines how well you have related those activity with your daily life. And trust me, many people do not do this and the one who does, reaches the heights.

For example, you decided to learn 10 new words daily. Now you will read 10 words and revise it the other day in addition to learning 10 new words for that day again. Retaining is done right. But how to use those words? The key is to think of your daily activities that relates to those words, and whenever you do those activities make sure the activity reminds you of that word. Continue doing that and the word will stick.

Lastly, whenever you thinking to start anything new, do not leave other hobbies. I understand that learning things take time, but DO NOT forget to develop and enhance the previous one. So let’s say, you are trying to learn guitar. But in the meantime, do not forget to write, which is your eternal habit. Maintaining things must also be the part of you daily routine.

In the essence, do not forget :

R(21–90 rule)-M(mediating variable)-M(maintain everything), while starting a new habit.

So these were the strategies that I realized I was lagging in.

Hope it helps.

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