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We know that there is a lot of hardship and motivation that goes on for cracking the interview. With this, it is also important what resources one is relying on for preparation. While I was preparing for the interviews and GDs, I struggled initially to find the right materials, links, and pdfs for the outstanding preparation. …

#3. Be the Change

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My journey to B School so far had been exciting. Having recently completed my third semester, I had learned uncountable lessons about both, life and business. It’s hard to boil down at three, but here are a few important points I had underpinned in my life:

1. Positive attitude towards feedback

The immediate feedback I had got from my classmates during case discussions encouraged me to agree/disagree with the divergent viewpoints and learn to accept and give constructive criticism. It was one of the powerful influencers in my learning and achievement.

2. The Act of Showing Up

The motto I…

Why is it that some people seem to make constant progress in their professional and personal lives, while others appear doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over?

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The answer isn’t cut and dry, there is an interesting mindset difference between these two people: they approach obstacles differently. This mindset separates them.

Successful people live with open mindset-an eagerness to learn and willingness to be wrong. Closed minded people would rather die to be wrong.

Nobody wants to admit to themselves that they’re closed-minded. But the advantage of having that courage is massive. …

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Who doesn’t want to be rational and able to make right decision at the right time?

Our self-motivation is always behind us to change ourselves. If we are night owls, we seek to become early risers. If we’re procrastinator, we look to become doers. If we are always late for a date, we look to be early. It is through the process of refinement that we learn new habits. We want to eliminate our weakness, and improve little more.

This is of course a laudable goal and one of my prime reasons for existence. But the self-starters among us have…

It can be a challenge to keep ourselves cool and not sink deep into arguing when responding to twitter, foregoing a heated conversation in dinner table or sitting with family discussing politics. The purpose of the debate is to gain insights, find the truth and upgrade knowledge.

But how many times does any one of us really go with this approach?

I guess quite a few of us.

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Most of times, we enter into the war so as to prove ourselves. It is because it is difficult for the brain to defy our existing beliefs and cling to new one…

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Long ago we feared a simple bump on our back, a slight headache or just a mild fever. We had limited ways to achieve optimum treatment. Today machines, devices and software are helping tremendously to save lives and accurately provide treatment for the respective symptoms. Healthcare has improved as the technology arose. However the practice will alter year after year and rising cost along with increasing demand will certainly be a major cause of transformation.

But how will we get there?

We expect that 20 years from now the customer-centric health care approach will shift its focus towards prevention rather…

Here’s what you should do

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Everyone you see is talking about productivity and starting a new habit in this quarantine. Everyone wants a change and they find this period the best fit. Since the past 60 days, tons of stories are posted on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter about the new cooking culture, yoga and mediation-finally making the thought to action, painting-to see the beauty of colors and ,yeah of course, writing-carving imagination onto paper.

PS: I am in the same boat and that’s what I had planned this quarantine- to finally give my imagination a bow of words, and here…

Building the first ever stairs seemed like a simple affair-stepping up the logs, flat rock and carved pavements- that worn into steps over the time with constant use and footfalls.

A Classic Staircase

Of course, stairs help us to go from A to B, where one location is quite elevated from the other. However, they also offer far more in terms of psychology, aesthetic and symbolism.

American architect David Rockwell in his TED Talk “The Hidden ways Stairs Change your Life” has described staircase as one of the most emotionally malleable physical element an architect has to work with.

The Stairs Inner Self

It is truly said…

COVID19 is threatening a possible surge in demand for both ambulatory and impatient services. Infrastructure,workforce and equipment are the areas which are likely to be impacted. In terms of infra, US has about 46000 ICU beds already operating at full time capacity.

Virtual Consultancy can pave the road to success

Even the moderate impact with measures of social distancing would still result in 200,000 patients in need of ICU and hospitalization.Although the inpatient capacity exist, but it is unevenly distributed. Even if all the ICU beds were to be freed up for COVID19 patients, the total capacity would still have to be raised by 72%.

What is Virtual…

The wonderful line presented by Prince Hamlet’s soliloquy in Shakespeare's Hamlet-”To be or not be, that is the question”. Here the prince is skeptical in choosing between “to be” that is “to suffer the arrows of the outrageous fortune” or “not to be” that is “to sleep forever in the arms of the mother earth.”

But is it really a question?

My take on it- the question is unhelpful. “To be or Not To Be” is, in fact, a wrong question.

Asserting that the question is wrong may sound kiddish. Surely, the answers can be wrong, or even the assertions, views, hypothesis can be wrong. …


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